Colleen Slebzak

Anthropological Review

Archaic Versus Modern Human Categorizations in Anthropology

What Does It Mean To Be Human? A Discussion in Species Variation and Classification Challenges Abstract It is often difficult to categorize the human being into categories, separate species, or … Continue reading

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Religion, Warfare, and Culture: An Example of Natral Selection

Religion as a Product of Human Nature and a Look into the Dangers of the Misuse of the Term Culture Abstract Not all humans are religious or aggressive; however, since … Continue reading

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The Function of Functionalism

Abstract Functionalism in anthropology is a school of thought that entertains the concept of internal (psychological) and external (social) pressures that determine an individuals (psychological) behavior and (societal) role, so … Continue reading

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The Negative Externalties of Climate Change: Impacts in the Arctic, United States and the Pacific

“Over the last century, the average annual temperature has increased about 1.5°F. The Average annual temperature is projected to rise an additional 2.5-8°F by the end of the century”    … Continue reading

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Colleen Slebzak’s Interactive Resume

This resume is interactive. You may click, grab, or scroll around the page. For more detailed information, grab and scroll/zoom in on certain areas. For a broader view, scroll/zoom out. … Continue reading

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Climate Change Impacts on Native and Indigenous Communities: The Incorporation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge into Mainstream Policies

Indigenous and Native individuals have a specific and vital “traditional knowledge” that may hold solutions for adaptations to climate change for the human race. By incorporating traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) … Continue reading

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Crop BioTechnology

TRADITIONAL AND ‘NEW’ BIOTECHNOLOGY: NEED, ACCEPTANCE, AND THE NEGATIVE EXTERNALTIES DEFINITION OF BIOTECHNOLOGY The knowledge of how things grow is called biology, and putting that knowledge to use is called … Continue reading

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