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Colleen Slebzak’s Interactive Resume

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Machias Bay Petroglyphs: An Ethnoarcheological Approach

Machias Bay Petroglyphs: A Ethnoarcheological Approach ^^ CLICK THE LINK FOR THE INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION ^^ Prehistoric Art: Rock Art The Petroglyphs of Machias Bay, Maine     Petroglyphs are rock-artistic expressions … Continue reading

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Oral Environments

The environment plays a leading role in shaping a society’s culture, political organization, and formal and informal social sanctions. It represents the identities of those whom inhabit an area; and … Continue reading

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Redesigning the Current Economic System: Principles to Embody to Personify a Democratic Economic System

Globalization Globalization affects everyone. Western societies seem to benefit from the impacts of globalization; while, indigenous and Native individuals lifestyles, communities, and cultural traditions are threatened. I feel as if … Continue reading

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Do Glaciers Listen?

Many Arctic communities have oral histories that have helped Native and indigenous individuals to identify with their environment. In several of the stores in Do Glaciers Listen, by Julie Cruikshank, … Continue reading

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Political Ecology

Indigenous and Native individuals have a specific and vital “traditional ecological knowledge” (TEK) that may hold solutions for sustainability of the environment and for the human race. By incorporating TEK … Continue reading

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The Plight of the Yahi: Ishi’s Brain

ABSTRACT The plight of the Yahi Indians is a dark truth in California’s history. During the first half of the twentieth century, the American government killed Native Americans to the … Continue reading

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Archaic Versus Modern Human Categorizations in Anthropology

What Does It Mean To Be Human? A Discussion in Species Variation and Classification Challenges Abstract It is often difficult to categorize the human being into categories, separate species, or … Continue reading

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Religion, Warfare, and Culture: An Example of Natral Selection

Religion as a Product of Human Nature and a Look into the Dangers of the Misuse of the Term Culture Abstract Not all humans are religious or aggressive; however, since … Continue reading

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The Function of Functionalism

Abstract Functionalism in anthropology is a school of thought that entertains the concept of internal (psychological) and external (social) pressures that determine an individuals (psychological) behavior and (societal) role, so … Continue reading

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