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Colleen Slebzak’s Interactive Resume

This resume is interactive. You may click, grab, or scroll around the page. For more detailed information, grab and scroll/zoom in on certain areas. For a broader view, scroll/zoom out. … Continue reading

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Climate Change Impacts on Native and Indigenous Communities: The Incorporation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge into Mainstream Policies

Indigenous and Native individuals have a specific and vital “traditional knowledge” that may hold solutions for adaptations to climate change for the human race. By incorporating traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) … Continue reading

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Crop BioTechnology

TRADITIONAL AND ‘NEW’ BIOTECHNOLOGY: NEED, ACCEPTANCE, AND THE NEGATIVE EXTERNALTIES DEFINITION OF BIOTECHNOLOGY The knowledge of how things grow is called biology, and putting that knowledge to use is called … Continue reading

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The Hidden Costs of Free-Trade

WHAT FREE TRADE WAS MEANT TO DO Free trade in the world market was once consistent with the ideals of sovereignty and democracy- an ideally democratic principle. Free trade was … Continue reading

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The World Water Problem

The World Water Problem Water is one of the world’s growing problems- in agriculture, access to clean-drinking water in developing countries, and within the contexts of climate change. In The … Continue reading

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Personifying Sustainability: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil

Del Bello pictures presents A Film by Giovanni Vas Del Bello, A Convenient Truth : Urban Solutions from Brazil A Convenient Truth : Urban Solutions from Brazil By Colleen Slebzak … Continue reading

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The Conventional US Corn Industry

The Conventional US Corn IndustrySolutions for Sustainability     The United States Conventional Corn Industry has taken its toll on the environment. Negative externalities to the environment from the United States … Continue reading

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Inclusive Democratic Societies Defined

The Inclusive Democratic Society: Need, Universal Acceptance, and Limitations By Colleen Slebzak An inclusive society excludes no one, it does not displace, discriminate, or gentrify, it does not take away … Continue reading

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How Much is that Broccoli in the Window?

The United States Fresh Market Broccoli Industry And the Negative Social and Environmental “Costs” The revenue/profit from just the US Fresh Market Broccoli harvest in the US is $648,886,000 per … Continue reading

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A New Approach from Baltimore

A New Approach from Baltimore, Maryland By Colleen Slebzak Introduction: Many major cities worldwide are beginning to adopt green initiatives to beautify the city and the communities within. These green-area/cleanup … Continue reading

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