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Colleen Slebzak’s Interactive Resume

This resume is interactive. You may click, grab, or scroll around the page. For more detailed information, grab and scroll/zoom in on certain areas. For a broader view, scroll/zoom out. … Continue reading

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Climate Change Impacts on Native and Indigenous Communities: The Incorporation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge into Mainstream Policies

Indigenous and Native individuals have a specific and vital “traditional knowledge” that may hold solutions for adaptations to climate change for the human race. By incorporating traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) … Continue reading

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Crop BioTechnology

TRADITIONAL AND ‘NEW’ BIOTECHNOLOGY: NEED, ACCEPTANCE, AND THE NEGATIVE EXTERNALTIES DEFINITION OF BIOTECHNOLOGY The knowledge of how things grow is called biology, and putting that knowledge to use is called … Continue reading

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The World Water Problem

The World Water Problem Water is one of the world’s growing problems- in agriculture, access to clean-drinking water in developing countries, and within the contexts of climate change. In The … Continue reading

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Inclusive Democratic Societies Defined

The Inclusive Democratic Society: Need, Universal Acceptance, and Limitations By Colleen Slebzak An inclusive society excludes no one, it does not displace, discriminate, or gentrify, it does not take away … Continue reading

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How Much is that Broccoli in the Window?

The United States Fresh Market Broccoli Industry And the Negative Social and Environmental “Costs” The revenue/profit from just the US Fresh Market Broccoli harvest in the US is $648,886,000 per … Continue reading

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A New Economic Model Aimed Toward Sustainability

A New Universally Acceptable, Ecologically Conscious, Sustainable, Economy By Colleen Slebzak Problems With The Current Economic System Set In Place Locally, Nationally, and Globally To become sustainable, local, national, and … Continue reading

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