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A New School of Thought: Women in Indigenous Communities May Hold Future Solutions for Sustainability

C_Slebzak_Final_Project_Power_Point_Presentation Food Security OBSTACLES FOR WOMEN Women are Major Generators of Food Security for a Nation: Women (in most developing nations), produce food from small gardens (horticulture/subsistence farming), process that … Continue reading

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Garden of Cairo

An Oasis of Green in a Concrete Jungle By Colleen Slebzak A Garden in Cairo Sponsored by: Autodesk Narrated by Brad Pitt Dir. Tag Fettig Abstract Community members and leaders … Continue reading

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A New Economic Model Aimed Toward Sustainability

A New Universally Acceptable, Ecologically Conscious, Sustainable, Economy By Colleen Slebzak Problems With The Current Economic System Set In Place Locally, Nationally, and Globally To become sustainable, local, national, and … Continue reading

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Food Security: Denmark Personifies the Perfect Economic Example of Sustainability

Denmark Food Security By Colleen Slebzak Denmark’s is one of the top ranked countries in the world for food security, as according to the Global Food Security Index.* In Denmark, … Continue reading

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